//5 shoes must have for men. WHAAAAT!!!!

5 shoes must have for men. WHAAAAT!!!!

Everyone needs a good pair of shoes. But does one good pair suffice for the man who wants to look good and stand out wherever he goes. So does two pairs work? One for work and one for anything else. Well it can but you would be just like every other man, not that it is bad but hey, why not be better. Shoes are important and yes people do look at them. The right shoe will elevate your average outfit.  So yes here are 5 essential shoes every man should have in his wardrobe.


Black dress shoe


A black shoe goes well with jeans, chinos, trousers and a lot more.


Brown dress shoe


Another dress shoe? Yes sir!  A brown dress shoe will help you switch it up on certain occasions. It adds richness and a different flavor to your everyday dress up formal wear. Tip: get different styles of the black and brown dress shoes.




A good pair of boots is really important in one’s wardrobe.  And that doesn’t mean the chunky Woodland, Columbia hiking boots. We are not talking adventure here. We are talking a nice dinner, a cool night out with friends or your loved ones. A chukka boot, or a decent Chelsea boot, a brogue boot… There are so many. Bottom line : BOOTS ARE SEXY


Leather casual shoe


A leather moccasin is a great example. Get yourself a pair if you need something to dress up on with shorts. Even goes great with a casual day out with your buddies


Fashion sneaker


One needs this in their life. You do not wear your beat up jogging or gym shoes with your outfit when you go to the mall, go to your friends’ place for a weekend pot luck. You need a decent pair of comfortable sneakers which look good. All brands Puma, Adidas, Nike, Converse, Vans have them. Find the one you like and rock it.