//NARENDRA RAVAL …….the Man of Steel alias “THE GURU”

NARENDRA RAVAL …….the Man of Steel alias “THE GURU”

NARENDRA RAVAL, A Priest who became a Multi-Millionaire by his vision dissected by his own “LENSES”

I just got a short-term assignment to showcase my caliber in one of the field in which I possess expertise and the best part of this assignment was not only the work but meet a person whom the entire Kenya knows as “THE GURU”.

Narendra Raval 

Narendra Raval is having his interest in multifaceted diversified businesses namely: Steel, Cement, Power, Roofing solution and last but not the least he is also having interest in the Aviation Sector as well.  Guru- one of Africa’s most successful entrepreneurs and people look at him as their inspiration. In another word he is literally an Icon in Kenya.

Nevertheless, Mr. Guru is a multi-millionaire, then also his upbringing has kept him grounded, humble and fully aware of the needs of others around him. That’s the reason Mr. Guru is associated with many trusts across Kenya with the thought of well being of the people. When I call him grounded and humble, I say it with conviction. The reason being that when I reached the Chairman’s office floor to see him, he himself came to receive me which shows his solicitude. It was a dream come true for me because Mr.Guru in no circumstances is an ordinary person as he is well known with our honorable Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi . It was an awesome moment for me. He has established a good rapport with top Kenyan Government Functionaries as well as with His Excellency, the President of Republic of Kenya.

Devki Group of Companies has been developed under the visionary leadership of Mr GURU, (EBS) which spans over 3 decades. He started as a small trader of steel in the Gikomba area of Nairobi, Kenya, and the group has flourished like anything and everything. As result, Mr. Guru finds his place in the top 50 richest people in the continent. Starting with one small company and now he is the Chairman of 6 companies on his own dedication, determination and devotion.

If a person wants to be known in masses he has to do things where one can identify him with his extraordinary traits. and the best example to portray this is his own elder son sits in a normal cubicle where all other employees sit whereas the entire group sees him as Future Chairman. Simplicity at its best.

Mr. Guru’s son Mr. Devang Raval

Likewise, Mr. Devang Rawal following his father’s footstep and in his own words he values money and for him, human relation is more important then anything else. Certainly he has also got the similar vision as his father. He wants to further sharpen his capabilities and for that he is going for higher education in Harvard.

There are many industries that suffer from getting their credit line facilities from normal banks whereas Mr. Guru’s group of companies deals with World Bank, IFC and African development Bank which itself shows his rapport with the International financial institutions.

Actually Mr. Guru belongs to the land of businessmen of Gujarat, India. He is a frequent flier because of his international summits, conferences and client meeting. During his travel he never forgets to carry his own Gujarati foods (like Bhakri, Thepla, Khakhra etc) along with him and he has made it a point to have his own food during lunch time and is not bothered by who likes it or not. Again, it shows his simplicity.

Mr Narendra Rawal has been in aviation industry because of his own hobbies as he loves flying high. He himself is a licensed Pilot and loves flying his own chopper / jet. He has shown me his chopper and helipad too.  

Guru sir has a dream project in his mind on which he is working in association with International Finance Corporation on May 2018. After this Devki Group will be the largest Steel Producer in African Continent.

A few words on his auto biography

From his own experience of life, he thought of arranging them in form of words. He thus opened his pandora in front of one of the known writer Mr. Kailash Mota. He has given everything which was residing in his hearts to writer and now this is coming out in the form of an extraordinary books by latter half of this year. The book is all about to showing the right path to budding entrepreneurs. He has a great interest in serving the society in form of education and to fulfill his obligations towards society, he is running number of schools in Kenya.

(see the video about his book in his own words)

It was really an enriching experience in lifetime and I am really thankful to Mr. Guru from bottom of my heart to spare time for me from his busy schedule. He  gave me a wonderful opportunity to be with Devki group in all senses.


Hence, I am putting my pen down for now because words are not enough to describe Mr. Guru.

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