//Smart and essential packing for Adventure junkies

Smart and essential packing for Adventure junkies

Most travelers include hiking, trekking and walking the mountains into their journey while planning for a high altitude place.  Recently I visited a very adventurous place, Bhutan. The biggest problem of cold place is that you need to carry a load of heavy and space consuming things and the last thing you would want to do is to over pack. So, the first question that pop’s up in your mind is: What is essential to pack and how to smartly pack your bag for an adventurous tripHere are some perfect packing tips to make your travel easy: 

* Choose the right backpack

* Prepare a packing list first : What is essential to pack in your backpack while planning for a  high altitude cold place.

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Pack some plastic bags to keep liquid bottles, wet cloths and dirty shoes separate from the rest of your things.

* How to smartly pack your bag

Spread everything on your bed what you want to carry for your travel so, you won’t miss to pack it. 

Set out items by weight: Light  items in the bottom, Heaviest item in the middle and Medium weight items in the top

Outer side Pocket: Smaller items like sunglasses, tissues, sunscreen and other essentials should be placed in your outer pockets for easy access. Make sure all items are secured as it’s easy for these smaller things to fall out or get broken. This is yet another reason to compartmentalize smaller gear into combined pouches.

Roll your cloths: You’ll be surprised how much space you save – and it’s helps to avoid creasing!

Use your Camera bag for necessary documents, passport etc. 

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