//A Step towards literate India campaign!!

A Step towards literate India campaign!!

This blog is not just for writing but taking a step towards the cause.

Sad but true… India is one of the countries that are still struggling with the problem of illiteracy.

It’s a sad reality that despite of world class technologies, global connectivity and financial stability, India still stands very back when it comes to education. While for some slum families educating their children is the last thing on their minds, for most slum children education is just a dream whereas some of the underprivileged families and children are simply unaware of the concept of school and education.

We distribute cloths, sweets, foods etc on b’days or any festival days among orphanage or needy kids. This may solve their problem for short span of time but what about the rest of their life. This is not a permanent solution of the problem of poverty.  Education is equally important.

The government has started many social welfare schemes but not everyone is aware of it. There is no shortage of laws in our country to protect children; to make sure that they are included in the society in a positive way. There is a law against child labor, child beggary, and an act for free education. Yet, we only have to look around to see the conditions in which children live and how they are exploited.

I am not Padman and neither can invent or discover an easy process to educate the unprivileged children and nor can I struggle for this cause alone. But we together can solve this illiteracy and make India 100% literate.

Bookish knowledge is not only the aspect of education but also the knowledge about their personal hygiene, life skills, laws and enhancing their other skills.

Our aim is to provide such information so that poor people can raise their children in a better way. My objective is of filling the knowledge gap and improving the literacy capacity of the slum children. My focus is not only on bringing awareness about school education among the underprivileged families but make them also aware them in every aspect of life.

Helping people is not just matter of money but your precious time.  Now up to you readers for coming up with ideas of helping this welfare cause.

Come forward with your ideas towards the way to implement, Don’t waste your precious time and invest it on those who really need you. Please volunteer because without a help of any NGOs or organization, a simple step from your side can change someone’s future.  Let’s make a difference!

Give your ideas? Leave comments below or write to us!