//Are your swimwear ready for your beach holiday??

Are your swimwear ready for your beach holiday??

Mostly people choose beach destination for their ideal new year vacation. First thing that comes to our mind is what to wear. Beachwear for hitting the beach can be a bit of problem for Indian women “Log Kya Kahenge…”

I don’t understand why are Indian women worried that It’s always more about what ‘they’ will say rather than what ‘I’ think is correct! Sad but true. Why do they think it to be their soul responsibility to listen to their husbands or BFs! This increases so much that even on a beach vacation, these women fear wearing a bikini just cause their ‘better’ half din’t approve of it. I mean, c’mon girls at least wearing something should not be dictated.

Yes Ladies! We gotta realize that it’s not possible to make the society happy all the time. Moreover why should we even try to do that. We are independent individuals who have equal right to enjoy. No one can preach us what to wear and what not to. However, when it comes to fashion advices, Buzzbud’s fashion buzz is always there to help.

One main issue throughout the world, but in India it’s massive. If you are of a certain shape or size you are preached to dress in a certain way. It’s ridiculous how even in 2017, We body shame even about a Bikini! Forgot those outdated notion about “body types” and what looks best on an apple or pear shape body. The perfect beach wear for you is just the one that you feel best in. Check out these styles and find a bikini and one piece that will make you feel like the beach goddess you truly are:

You can buy these beautiful beachwear, Just  move your cursor to the product you like, name will appear, click on that  and it will directly go the online shopping site. 


Concept By  Shital Dhariwal

A placement consultant from  Mumbai who is extremely passionate about everything related to the fashion industry .