//The most intelligent and vibrant city of Africa-Nairobi

The most intelligent and vibrant city of Africa-Nairobi

Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi, is the most dynamic and full of contrasts. It’s a multi-ethnic enough to experience the Kenyan culture, yet it’s modern enough to experience world class restaurants, pub, fully equipped hospitals, modern shopping malls, chap-chap (uber service), local transport, Internet, school, colleges etc.

During April 2018 I was in Nairobi city, Kenya for some work. Kenya is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. You will be mesmerized by it’s diverse landscapes, amazing wildlife, breathtaking safaris, amazing camping sites and incredible Maasai Mara known for -wildebeest migration. On top of it, amazing weather and very friendly people make it a special place. 

If you are planning to visit Kenya, Nairobi is the perfect starting point for traveling to the various areas of the country like Mombasa, Rift Valley, Mount Kenya(perfect place for adventurous trekking), Naivasha, Maasai mara, Nakuru etc….

I was amazed to see many Hindu temples in the city and they offer proper buffet lunch/dinner to the devotees.  I was there for a while and I was thinking that I am in Gujarat….all devotees  were communicating in   Gujarati language.  Even mostly Kenyan  understands this language.  The ‘prasad’ was really awesome, felt like Shaadi ka khana  😆 

You ll find art n craft shops at every tourist spot. I loved the Masai wooden market.

I liked inclusiveness of Kenyan women in each and every profession. Even you can see them working on petrol pumps, security, officials, traffic👮 everywhere….Kenyan women are very particular about their hairstyle. They spend a lot on artificial hair styling.  

The crazy nightlife experiences one can have in Kenya. After 5 pm when the sun sets the city is on a turn-up mood. Nairobi city transforms into ultimate partying hub, Music from the tons of clubs, pubs, dance bars n casinos all around. But your pocket should be 💷 💰 so you can loose like me 💷😂

Last but not the least I enjoyed a lot lip smacking dishes there😋 specially grilled 🐠 tandoori🍗 seafood dishes🥐 . Must try ‘Carnivore restaurant’ in Nairobi city…..Kenya’s most famous barbecued meat (like-beef, pork, lamb, chicken and farmed game meats such as crocodile and ostrich)   .

You can also find wide variety of yogurt in various flavors. It was yummiest experience. I used to had daily when in Nairobi.

“Don’t listen to what they say… Go see!”

Experience the magical Kenya…

Best time to visit Kenya: JUNE TO OCT

Visa from India: On arrival (50$)

Yellow fever vaccination is required