//What’s better than a cozy place with some munching, music and poetry….Best weekend?

What’s better than a cozy place with some munching, music and poetry….Best weekend?

I am not much of a foodie giant but in all of my low times, I feel like munching for the love of my taste buds. Nothing like a sip of our favourite drink or the crunch of a lip smacking food.

After a long rough going week, me and my buddies decided to spend a stress buster Friday evening. And hey-ho we know where to go, a place to comfort and enjoy yourself….Da Capo Café & Bistro….

It wasn’t our first time there,but the aroma seemed pretty different.When we entered we saw a ‘Mic’ and all the chairs facing towards it.One of the staff person told us that every Friday the café organizes a special event,open Mic Music& Poetry.Just in some time the atmosphere changed. Those heart touching lines of Poetry, melodious voices,the innovative Rapping, harmonious Ghazals and the silvery tone of the guitar, made me realize that talents can not only be found on high platforms but everywhere around us,it’s just a wait to see it.Nowadays we only get to see such talent ontv reality shows but after a long time I had such a lively experience. I felt like on the ninth cloud.Till the time, I had only felt the toothsome food there but today was a magical evening..

Glimpse of an Open Mic at Da Capo

Come experience an Open Mic event at Da Capo Café & Bistro, where we celebrate poetry, music and everything that warms your heart.Share this video to let your friends know about the event !Music by Vivek Chavan.

Posted by inkStation on Sunday, October 8, 2017

I also had a small talk with the person behind this event Mr.Harshit Anurag. He also held such kind of events named as inkStation in other Cafes of Mumbai.I think this is a great initiative taken up by him. People get so lost in their daily schedule; they don’t get time to explore their hidden talents, but cafes are such a place where we feel relaxed and feel free to perform our concealed talent.

This was my soothing evening. What are you upto? And if you have no plans yet then search such cafes in your locality and share your experience with me. It would be a pleasure for me to know all of your views and many such experiences.

SPONSORED POST: This post is sponsored by Da capo café & bistro. But the content and opinions expressed here are all my own. some images and video provided by Da capo.