//A wonderful stay in Tara Farmhouse

A wonderful stay in Tara Farmhouse

Tara Farmhouse allows you privileges that the city life has snatched from you. Touch the earth, feel the freshness, sing in chorus with the birds. Explore unblemished countryside life where the nature and ultra modern amenities reside side by side. Come with your kids, let them play with soil and feel nature…

Farm style living has become the most popular form of accommodation for city dwellers. It takes them away from the hustle and bustle of everyday city life and recharges the batteries.

Being a travel blogger wherever I go, I try to experience every kind of stay like home- stay, hotels, and resorts. But this was the first time when I got the opportunity to experience a farmhouse stay. It was of course a unique and amazing experience which can only be felt and is hard to convey it in words that how much I enjoyed.

One of my friend has a farmhouse in Pali, census town in raigad district (about 100 kms far from city). She invited for girls night out this weekend in her farmhouse. According to plan, we left for Pali around 2pm. We reached Jambhulpada after an hour which is famous for Siddhalaxmi Ganpati Mandir, and we bought some snacks from a restaurant. Setting off from there, we reached Pali around 4:30 pm and in some moments the farmhouse was in sight from a distance. It could be seen as a cute little house on a huge land. But as we kept getting closer, the tiny building kept appearing bigger and soon it was a big, luxurious and spacious house with beautiful organic farm. The house had all the facilities that one could need. And the interesting thing is that the house was all made out of natural wood. In the backyard there was a beautiful garden with sitting and dining arrangement called gazebo having a small cola bottle shaped freezer for beverages. We sat in the Gazebo and it was about sunset so we watched the fall color of sun with a pleasant breeze taking all our tensions away with a sweep. We blended into the peaceful environment with sips of coffee and the famous Maharashtrian delicacy, vada pav and spiced things up with a photo session when we tried to capture the beauty of every moment.

But no place can be so quiet in our presence .Thus soon we changed the still place to a soirée. The quietness disappeared in the music, dance and fun. And the best part was the sizzling hot paneer and chicken on barbeque. Well at first we didn’t know how to use it so after putting some effort we were finally able to turn it on. Then we all played truth and dare. But the crazy part is when your friends know how much scared of ghosts you are. So you can imagine how the rest of your night can be😰👻

View some pics of crazy night

We get lost in the city life for the race of earning more n more money for luxurious life, maintaining standards, investment for kids which leads us to forget what we are really meant to be. I always tell my husband that in our future, we’ll build a small house on a hill station with an organic farm, away from all the hustle and bustle of the city life. After this farmhouse experience, it was like a day spent in my dream house☺️, only it was not on hill station😛

Special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Grover for amazing hospitality and inviting us for such a great time.